Unique Campus. Ideal Location.

Navigating Campus

Whether visiting in person or virtually, these helpful links will guide you around campus:

Our campus is centrally located between—and only two hours away from —two of America’s biggest metropolises, New York City and Boston. With our central location, students have plenty of opportunities to fully explore the area’s vibrant culture, cities, beaches, and mountains.

Our proximity to downtown Hartford means big possibilities. We’ve forged relationships with many different companies and organizations, making internships and professional networking readily accessible. 

University of Hartford

Aerial view of intersecting campus sidewalks

Surrounded by green spaces and wooded trails, the University of Hartford’s 350-acre campus runs alongside Connecticut’s capital city of Hartford at its crossroads with the vibrant towns of West Hartford and Bloomfield.

The City of Hartford


A diverse and exciting hub for business and culture, the city of Hartford is home to businesses large and small, award-winning theaters, renowned museums, and the top-rated double A baseball stadium in the country two years running.

Town of West Hartford

Woman and child in Rose garden

Rich in history, West Hartford was recently recognized by Money magazine as one of the 50 best places to live in America. Wonderful shops and restaurants await you in every corner of town.

Town of Bloomfield

Five person outdoor concert performance

A quiet, friendly New England village, Bloomfield offers concerts on the green, a scenic park in the center of town, and is a magnet for new businesses thanks to the largest tract of undeveloped land in the region.