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At the University of Hartford, we understand that college is an investment in your future. We are here to help make your education affordable.  

Average Cost of Attendance

Average Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Total cost: $61,593

Average financial aid award: $30,400

Average out-of-pocket expense: $31,193*

*For U.S. Citizens and eligible non citizens

To better understand the financial committed to attend the University of Hartford, we established an estimated total cost of attendance. Below are two tables that break down the estimated direct and indirect expenses by semester and year.

For a more comprehensive listing of latest tuition and rates, please visit our Tuition, Fees, and Rates page.

For a listing of latest international tuition information, please visit our International Tuition page.

Estimated Undergraduate Billing Cost (Direct Costs) for 2023-24

Charges that are assessed and billed by the Bursar's Office based on a student's enrollment and housing status.

Description Semester Budget Annual Budget
Tuition $22,176 $44,351
Fees $1,649 $3,297
Housing $4,166 $8,333
Food $2,806 $5,612
Total Direct Costs $30,797 $61,593

Estimated Undergraduate Not Billed Cost (Indirect Costs) for 2023-24

Costs a student may incur while attending UHart. These are not billed by the University.

Description Semester Budget Annual Budget
Books and Supplies $730 $1,460
Travel/Transportation $484 $968
Personal/Miscellaneous $1,172 $2,344
Stafford Loan Fees $50 $100
Total Indirect Costs $2,436 $4,872

Financial Aid

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The Office of Financial Aid is committed to working with students and their families to make a UHart education accessible. Students from all income levels are considered for and receive University of Hartford grants and scholarships.


Tuition is subject to change without notice, in accordance with University rules.

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